The Nurx app is offering free birth control, and here’s how you can get it

With all the talk of repealing Obamacare, it’s only smart to be a little bit worried about the cost of your birth control. Any Republican-drafted health care bill will likely result in higher premiums, and Donald Trump signed an executive order last week making it easier for companies to shirk Obamacare’s birth control mandate. But don’t be too scared — luckily there are private companies like Nurx that are offering free birth control in response to this threat.

Insert prayer-hand emoji here.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Nurx is a telemedicine app that allows you to get your birth control cheaply (even without insurance) after consulting with one of their docs — and then they deliver it to you. It’s literally the easiest way to get your birth control.

Now, the company is sweetening the deal: You can get a $30 credit, which is about two months’ worth of pills, just by entering the promo code “TrumpCare” on the site at checkout. It’s a really good deal, so if you’ve been stalling on getting on birth control because of access or cost, now’s the time to take advantage of the service.

If you don’t have insurance, Nurx is the best way to get your birth control.

After the credit is up, birth control reportedly costs just $15 a month through Nurx if you don’t have insurance, which is very cheap. You also don’t have to schlep to the pharmacy every month or go to a doctor in person, which is a perk, but also a necessity for women who might be living with a partner or family that doesn’t allow them to use contraception, or who live far from a pharmacy.

It’s also a great reminder that birth control is safe for most women, and women can be trusted to control their own reproductive health. That shouldn’t be a *thing,* but some people don’t seem to get that yet.

Cost is a huge barrier to getting on birth control, which means that lower-income women are at a greater risk for unplanned pregnancies. They’re also more likely to not have access to a health clinic, meaning getting preventive care, pre-natal care, STD testing, or an abortion is also more difficult.

Just think of all the socio-economic problems that could be solved when women have access to affordable contraception. Thanks to companies like Nurx, we have the beginning of a solution.

So go get your pills, ladies. It’s not only a bargain, but it’s an act of self-care. The company also has an option to get PrEp, which prevents HIV transmission, as well. Spread the word.

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