Instead of getting Botox, I tried using a microcurrent device for a week

I never thought I’d be the girl who got Botox. The women in my family have done just fine sans injectables. My mom has never tried them, neither have my aunts or older cousins. Honestly, I’m not sure that my grandmother even knows how it works. I hoped that I would age as gracefully as the generations of women that came before me. Then, I became a beauty editor

It wasn’t until I started working in beauty that I actually realized how common Botox is. I assumed it was a luxury—one enjoyed by only Beverly Hills housewives and A-list celebrities. Now, almost everyone I know gets Botox or some type of injectable in hopes of preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Conversations over brunch usually drift in the direction of what doctor everyone is going to, how often they’re going now, and how many units they recommend getting. So, of course, I’ve thought about trying it. I can’t help but notice that my makeup is starting to crease in my frown lines now and my laugh lines are becoming more prominent. I’m almost 30, so it’s totally normal, but I guess I didn’t realize I’d be noticing them this early. And while I know that they’re pretty minor, I still want them gone. I also know that a prick here and there can be preventative, but I’m still not ready to commit—so instead I turned to microcurrent.

How microcurrent works

If you’ve never heard of microcurrent, think of it as a tiny workout session for your facial muscles, but without the sweat or shaky muscles. Microcurrent sends tiny shock waves (aka a current) through the skin and underlying tissue to pulse the muscles. And just like regular gym sessions would plump and lift the muscles in your body, microcurrent does this for the ones in your face. But get this: The facial muscles are the only ones directly connected to the skin, so not only do you see results over time (thanks to the added collagen stimulation), you also get that lifted appearance instantly. For the longest time, the microcurrent facial was a service on spa menus, but NuFace created a gadget that gives you the same results at home. I vowed to give it a week before I start googling Botox again.

Trinity Facial Toning Device

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First impressions

I start my first session on a Monday. I’m about to settle into bed when I realize it’s the day I planned to start my microcurrent routine. Being the lazy beauty lover that I am, I hop into bed with my NuFace Trinity, turn on some Netflix, and get to it. Surprisingly, the device is super easy to use. I don’t even need a mirror. All you do is apply the Gel Primer to your face—I do this one section at a time to prevent it from drying out—and glide the device along your skin. I start on my right cheek, focusing on my jawline (this needs a lift too), then move to my forehead and finish with the left cheek.


The second I bring it to my face, I can feel a little bit of a shock, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s more than a tingly sensation, but once you get used to it, you can’t even feel it anymore. In fact, the metal balls at the top are actually super calming. If you like the massaging feeling of a jade roller, this is like that, but on steroids. Reminder: I’m lying in bed, bingeing my show while this is all going down.

After working on both cheeks, I move onto my forehead. About 90 seconds into working on my frown lines, my skin feels tighter and my face muscles are so relaxed, I couldn’t tense them even if I wanted to. I realize I’m getting a Botox-like effect, without the appointment or the needles. And just like that, it instantly becomes a part of my evening routine. I can’t wait to cuddle up with my NuFace and some really good bad TV night after night.

Final thoughts

Two days later, those frown lines are significantly softened and my makeup has stopped creasing. By the end of the week, frowning isn’t my default facial position anymore. Not only has microcurrent made my lines disappear, it relaxed my muscles and cured my resting bitch face all at once. And then, there was an unexpected effect I noticed: The undeniable glow radiating from my face. My smile lines haven’t faded, but I barely notice them over the dewy bounce to my skin. If this is what I achieved in a week, what will my skin look like in a month? I clear my nightstand and make a permanent home for my NuFace charging dock.

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