Apparently, the nude swimsuit is THE swimsuit trend of 2017

The world of ephemeral fashion has managed to make space for a new look. Move over, 2016’s jacket-falling-so-chicly-off-the-shoulder-on-purpose look, because now we’ve got the naked-but-not-naked swim trend. We know this because LOTS of people are searching for nude swimsuits over at Polyvore. In fact, the nude swimsuit search is up 145 percent, because people want to pretend they’re skinny-dipping without actually having to skinny-dip?


It does leave one wondering whether or not people who can actually swim naked (at beaches where nudity is A-OK) are still buying nude swimsuits, just to indulge in the look? It’s got a sort of “look again” quality to it, which makes it sort of fun, we guess?

But there is always a root to any trend, and we can thank the weirdos visionaries up in the high towers of fashion who bless us plebes with their “creative genius.” In this case — Kanye, is that you?

There is a marked difference between skin-toned dresses à la Katie Holmes and nude-illusion wedding dresses when compared to what Kanye did for fashion with his Yeezy Spring 2016 look — which was basically nude on nude on nude with heels (including the ultra-confusing but also kinda cool clear plastic heel thing, which is sort of a form of nudity, right?).

But because the Internet is forever, we know that Kim Kardashian rocked the nude look way back in 2014, so it’s only natural that her husband — and the entire universe of trendy online shoppers — caught on. It doesn’t look bad, either.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing the naked form. The naked form is beautiful and should be celebrated, but it is sort of hilarious how trends trickle down into the consciousness of masses — especially when the trend is counterintuitive to the whole point of the bathing suit in the first place. But you know what? It’s audacious and fun and you just have to respect it.

Whatever the case, now we can all look like Mariah Carey circa 1997.

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