This DJ is donating $5K to charity after a nude Snapchat got leaked online

Having private pictures leaked and distributed online is a violation of privacy that is all too prevalent. So when Australian DJ Tigerlilly learned that a nude SnapChat of herself was being spread around, the 23-year-old decided to use the incident to raise awareness — and money — for mental healthcare.

Buzzfeed reports that Tigerlilly’s photographer was taking a SnapChat video when the DJ decided to flash the camera. Her photographer posted the video after speeding it up and covering Tigerlilly’s private parts with emojis. It was a fun, silly video, and Tigerlilly gave her permission to send it out. But then someone downloaded the original video somehow and removed all the effects covering Tigerlilly and posted them online. (It’s unclear how this person was able to access the unedited video, although it was likely through a third-party app.) As she told, it was posted to a “creepy blog site” by some men who have been “trying to find nude photos of me for about 12 months.”

When Tigerlilly (whose real name is Dara Hayes) found out she had been violated this way, she responded with a post on Instagram. In it, she wrote “the content that has been ripped from Snapchat, edited and distributed is being done so against my will” and referenced Jennifer Lawrences’s response to nude photos being leaked:

Tigerlilly is adamant that taking nude SnapChats or photos isn’t the problem. The problem is when they get misused by others without consent. “I’ve read these horror stories of young women having their privacy violated online and it destroying their lives for months, years,” she told Buzzfeed on why she decided to take a stand. “It’s not necessarily something I want to draw attention to, but now that it’s out in the public, I felt compelled to speak out.”

And that’s not all Tigerlilly is going to do: In an effort to make something positive come out of this experience, she is also donating $5,000 to Headspace, an Australian mental health organization for youth, and is inviting others to do the same via a donation page on the Australian site GoFundraise.

We’re so disappointed that this sexual violation happened to Tigerlilly, but we applaud her choice to turn a gross invasion of her privacy into a productive conversation that helps other people in the process.

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