NSYNC’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony has the most bonkers line, and it might sound crazy but this ain’t no lie

NSYNC is reuniting for the first time in two years and the fans are out in full support. NSYNC will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, April 30th, 2018, and fans have been camped out overnight with lines that wrap several blocks.

We can’t really say that we’re surprised by the massive turnout. To catch a rare glimpse of the premiere boyband of the ’90s and aughts, do you expect anything less? Also, JC Chasez says this star ceremony might be the last reunion for NSYNC. (Which, like, say it ain’t so.)

“There aren’t any plans for music,” Chasez told Just Jared. “There are no talks about a reunion tour now. You get cool merch for now, and then the future is what it is.”

The merch he speaks of is the pop-up shop in Los Angeles that will run from now until tomorrow, May 1st. And that’s May 1st as in, “It’s gonna be may,” and uh, sorry we’ll show ourselves out now.

Okay, but back to this line of fans. Apparently, drama has ensued because there is a Los Angeles city law that bans sleeping on the street overnight, so some on Twitter are upset that the law-breakers ignored the rule, camped out overnight, and are now further ahead in line to see the boys. It’s a sad day to be an NSYNC fan that slept in today.

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According to the below tweet, the line extends from the Walk of Fame to Runyon Canyon which is nearly a mile away.

The line to get into the pop-up shop is just as intense.

Considering this fan turnout, it seems like good business for NSYNC to release a quick reunion single or stage a Las Vegas residency. Guys, look at this line of fans, and just think about it.