This *NSYNC member had the cutest, most creative baby announcement we’ve seen in a while

The way people reveal that they’re expecting a baby seems to get more and more clever. The latest? This *NSYNC member had the most creative baby announcement we’ve seen in a while, as we learned from Brit + Co. Chris Kirkpatrick and his wife Karly just announced that they’re having a baby, due in October. Awww.

“Karly and I are over the moon excited that we are welcoming a new addition to the family, Chris told People. “We are both looking forward to becoming parents, and learning how much fun having a child will be.

And we have no doubt they’ll be excellent parents. Without further ado, here’s their super clever announcement.

Yup, they used a photoshopped movie poster for The Boss Baby, reported E! News. It just so happens posters for the movie are ~everywhere~, since it came out on March 31st. Talk about perfect timing, as well as a perfect poster to mock-up for a baby announcement!

This is an example of an actual poster for the DreamWorks Animation movie.

Again, Chris and Karly deserve the Grammy equivalent for their baby announcement!

In case you’re curious about The Boss Baby, you can watch the trailer here.

Lots of our favorite people voice characters in the film, from Alec Baldwin to Lisa Kudrow. We know what we’re doing this weekend… We’ll also definitely not forget Chris and Karly’s amazing announcement, especially as we keep seeing The Boss Baby posters all over town. Meanwhile, we congratulate them on their baby — and their announcement!