This is where to get the luxury moth-eaten sweatpants Kate Hudson wears

Celebrities are JUST like us. They wake up in the morning groggy (unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow), they put on their pants one leg at a time (unless their assistant does the work), and they get obsessed with crazy, comfy clothing trends.

The latest celeb obsession is a pair of holey $128 sweatpants that look like they were crafted by high-fashion moths. The pair of celebrity fave sweatpants in question is made by n:Philanthropy, the same brand that brought us a high-end white tee ($72) worn by everyone from Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot to the beloved Zoe Saldana.


Now, the brand’s latest pair of sweatpants are making waves among A-listers such as Kate Hudson and Kate Mara (this is obviously a Kate konspiracy).

Behold, the Nikki Deconstructed Sweatpant ($128).


This model is literally gazing down at her sweatpants like “Dang it, I thought my RAID candle was finally working?!” We’re kidding.


You can also get these pants in Heather Grey.

Will you be channeling this trend by Kate Hudson?

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