Now you and your best friend, aka your pet, can share cute BFF necklaces

If you’ve ever caught yourself lovingly gazing into the eyes of your pug (or kitten or salamander) before whispering, “You’re my best friend,” you will be overjoyed to hear that you can now purchase BFF necklaces for your pet. They’re from the genius brain of Emily McDowell, the talented artist behind honest empathy cards, stylish stationery, and kitschy-cute dish towels. Your lovable, slobbery pooch can now feel the swarm of warmth you hold in your heart for them via adorable accessorizing!

The tiny charms that express our love of dogs are called Life Saver Pet Charms, and like all good BFF necklaces, split the words between two charms, with the human presumable wearing “Life” and the pup wearing “Saver.” Because even if you’re deathly allergic to fur-bearing animals, it’s certain that pictures of puppies have uplifted your spirits on a gloomy day.


Naturally, the $20 Life Saver Pet Charms don’t discriminate. You can share a BFF necklace with your grumpy cat, or your gentle bunny, or a snake with a large neck (JK, snakes don’t have necks).


The point is, the adorable pet friendship possibilities are endless!





This can also be a cute gift option for those of us who don’t own pets ourselves, but still enjoy petting the fluffy buddies of our friends and want to support their love.

Each set goes for $20, and you can grab them here.

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