Now watch a woman casually pole dancing while in labor like it’s no big deal at all

If you’re considering pole dancing for the first time, please do not allow the fun, fluid movements involved to fool you into thinking it’s a breeze. The empowering, body-positive workout challenges the hell out of your muscles and if you don’t leave a session sweaty and bruised (albeit feeling slightly sexier than before), then you must be already be a pro like fitness instructor Kat Bailey who actually worked the pole between contractions.

According to Cosmopolitan, Bailey, a former doctor and the owner of PoleKat Fitness, is the complete opposite of what we’re accustomed to seeing from Your Average Woman in Labor™. She was beyond prepared for birth, so much that she couldn’t be bothered with moaning helplessly or cursing her womb and the tiny human trying to force its way out of there.

“I’m officially in labour ? Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I’d do some pole between contractions,” Bailey captioned a video uploaded to her Facebook page.

Bailey previously dropped jaws when she competed in a pole fitness competition while seven months pregnant. Ah-mazing! Not only is Bailey the epitome of #fitnessgoals, she represents a blindingly bright beacon of hope for women who are legitimately terrified of giving birth.

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