And now for a little dose of shameless Jimmy Fallon appreciation

So, Jimmy Fallon is having a great year, huh? Not only is his new Tonight Show a huge success, but yesterday he and his wife Nancy welcomed a new baby girl. And, Entertainment Weekly named Fallon the Entertainer of the Year. It feels like just yesterday he was an SNL freshman. Our little Jimmy is growing up so fast!

The best part of all of this is how incredibly well deserved his success is, and how obviously appreciative he is of every honor he’s earned. Plus if the rumors are true, Fallon is one of the nicest guys in the biz. He’s also one of the funniest, not to mention one of the most adorable, and we’ve all probably wished we could hang out with him for a segment or two. In honor of Fallon’s tremendous 2014 we’re taking a deep dive into some of the things we love most about him. This is sheer Jimmy Fallon appreciation, and he for serious deserves it.

Jimmy is kind of the world’s cutest dad

People Magazine did a spread on Fallon this past fall, and his little daughter, Winnie, got to come along, too. Obviously, they dressed as bees, because why not? And now, with the addition of little Frances (Frances Fallon, how great is that name??) to the family can you even imagine the sheer level of adorableness to come at next year’s shoot?

He also could never, ever keep a straight face on SNL

Some of the funniest Fallon SNL moments were the times he cracked — which honestly happened a whole lot. He’d be holding it together, holding it together, holding it together when suddenly he’d devolve into giggles. And we loved him even more for it. Take for instance the infamous “More Cowbell” sketch. Jimmy doesn’t really do much during this bit, but it’s his presence in the background — laughing hysterically — that really pushes us all over the edge.

Two thumbs up for every time he ever been in a bit with Justin Timberlake

Whenever JT and JF are together it just seems like they’re having the BEST time. They’re the real deal. Remind us later to show you our fan fiction all about their best friendship. Powerful stuff. But seriously, JT even challenged Jimmy to the ice bucket challenge, and he accepted, of course.

And of course, the best ‘Weekend Update’ team there ever was

Probably the first time we all *swooned* for Jimmy was when he appeared alongside Tina Fey on SNL’s ‘Weekend Update.’ Back then, he had messy mop hair, but it just made him even more 2000s adorable. If you want a really good deep-dive internet binge, may we suggest lots of old ‘Weekend Update’ sketches with these two; the jokes may not be topical anymore, but they’re still just as good.

Do you remember the 2005 MTV Movie Awards?

Well Jimmy hosted and it’s burned into the best parts of our memory. If you’ve forgotten, here’s a great way to jump start those 2005 feels.

And, then at the Emmys when he pretended to be Elton John and sang goodbye to TV shows. Sigh

Oh, but it wasn’t just Elton John that he impersonated. Billie Joe Armstrong is in there, too. Which then makes us think of Jimmy’s amazing Bruce Springsteen impression. There is nothing he can’t do. 

Did we mention he has own Ben & Jerry’s flavor? 

It’s called “Late Night Snack” and it has chocolate covered potato chips mixed in. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest grocery store for this.

And last but not least, a standing ovation for literally every single thing he does on The Tonight Show

Jimmy’s obviously a big fan of his guests plus he always looks like he’s having the best time which is totally contagious. The show is a HUGE hit and thanks to some pretty impressive recurring sketches, from Box of Lies, to Lip Flip, to my personal favorite, Lip Sync Battle, there are always viral Fallon videos to catch up on in the morning. In sum: we love Jimmy Fallon and we cannot wait to see what he gets up to in 2015. Hats off Jimmy.

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