We now know what happened to the most tragic couple in ‘Love Actually’

Love Actually is one of the most popular Christmas films, despite some of the majorly problematic plot lines. And it’s also one of the most heartbreaking movies of all time. From Mark’s not-OK crush on his BFF’s wife, to Sarah’s inability to leave her mentally ill brother so she can go on a date, Love Actually is filled with all kinds of sad, sad relationships. The saddest of all, is definitely the marriage that Snape (okay, Alan Rickman doesn’t play Snape in this movie, but he seriously might as well you guys.) destroys by cheating on his wife (played by Emma Thompson). Do you ever wonder what happened to this wrecked family? Well, wonder no more.

 On Sunday, a Love Actually fan bravely took to Twitter to find out the fate of the doomed lovers.

And the answer?

— emma freud (@emmafreud) December 13, 2015

Um, wow. Well, OK, thanks for shattering our hearts AGAIN. Karen, you can do better than him. Do you realize that Colin Firth lives in the same world as you? He seems like your best bet. Redbook suggests she go for Liam Neeson’s character, which seems like a good plan.

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