We now know Daenerys’ exact chances of taking Westeros, thanks to this medieval scholar

Daenerys’ plan (just like, y’know, everyone else’s plan on GoT) is to take Westeros for herself. She believes it’s rightfully hers, and should be under Targaryen rule — and now, it seems like she’s closer than ever to bringing that plan to fruition, at least in theory. Her dragons are all back at her side, and they’re something nobody else has. With the Unsullied, the Dothraki, and Tyrion also with her as a strategic guidance, it seems like she has good chances — but just how good? That’s where The Economist‘s Carolyne Larrington comes in.


Larrington has written a book on the medieval world the show exists within, and she’s a medieval English fellow at St. John’s college in Oxford, so we think that if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s likely her. She broke down Daenerys’ current standing within the realm of GoT and analyzed it to calculate her chances of actually taking Westeros.

Basically, here’s what needs to happen. Dany needs to DELEGATE. Missandei needs to be trained to speak to the dragons, in case something is happening and they need to be given orders while our flaxen queen is too busy. Because the Dothraki and Unsullied don’t really get along, even though they’re both fighting for the same cause, they should be kept separately.


Also, remember Jorah Marmont? The guy who betrayed her and was banished, then got greyscale, saved her, and was again nicely banished but with orders to save himself and come back? Larrington thinks that he needs to make a swift return, because he’s the only other trusted person on Daenarys’ side who can fluently speak Dothraki.

Larrington also says that the promise of the Ironborn ships and the capture of the slavers navy is crucial, and should not be taken for granted. The main focus, however, will be to win over the “hearts and minds” of those in Westeros, Here’s what she has to say about that:

Veeeeerrrry interesting. It sounds like they’re already planning ahead for her projected takeover!


And what are the chances of this takeover, exactly, according to Larrington? “[A] Targaryen victory, though by no means guaranteed, has, in our view a considerably better than 50% chance of success.” Whoa! Better than 50%! That’s an incredibly good chance, so it sounds like everyone else better watch out.

We’re loving all the girl power on Game of Thrones this season, and this would be the cherry on top.

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