Now that “Game of Thrones” is over, here are the ~new~ HBO shows you can watch next

Let’s face it. Despite the fact that it’s getting beautiful out and the summer holidays are upon us, this is a tough time of year. At least for fans of Game of Thrones. Ever since last Sunday’s season finale (where did the time go?), it’s starting to sink in that we’ve got to wait a whole ten months before we get to find out what happens in Westeros.

But we can be brave and get through this.


Thanks to the good people at Vulture, we now have a list of other ways we can bide our time with other spectacular shows on HBO. While they may not be Game of Thrones (because TBH nothing is) they still look like some absolutely awesome entertainment that we can definitely get into.

These upcoming HBO show totally intrigue us. Like The Night Of, a fascinating mystery that seems to follow one particular case in the New York legal system. And all the twists and turns (and drama, probably) that go along with how much your life changes in the course of a single night.

If you want something a little more light-hearted, Vice Principals looks like it’ll be a show that can really bring the laughter.

But HBO isn’t just offering original programming (though their original stuff so far has been incredible and these new shows look just as amazing). They’ve also got some great movies that will be available soon. So if you never got the chance to see Straight Outta ComptonSuffragette, or Black Mass, you can watch any or all of them starting early July. And, maybe most exciting, there are going to be some classic movies available to stream. So if you want to escape into your childhood for a while, snuggle up with your HBO and get down with The Neverending StoryThe Secret Garden, or Dumb and Dumber (just to name a few).

The point is, there is plenty of top-notch programming to occupy ourselves as we patiently wait until the next time we get to see our beloveds Daenerys and Jon do something awesome.



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