Now you can live in a sparkly dream house because “glitter grout” exists

Glitter is certainly not a new phenomenon. As humans, we have gone ballistic for glitter, and we’re not talking about the 2001 Mariah Carey flick. Forget about your glitter hair extensions and glitter bath bombs. The latest craze is ~Glitter Grout~.

That’s right. The Today Show reports that UK-based company, Staffordshire Silicones, created grout (which is typically one of the most boring products out there) and made it totally un-boring by infusing it with sparkles. So now all you sparkle-addicts can glitz up your home improvement projects. Facebook user Shawnee Daniels posted pictures of Glitter Grout on October 5th. Her post has since been shared almost 700,000 times.

The product comes in black, gray, blue, red and white, all of which contain silver sparkles. A liter of Glitter Grout costs about $23 and can be purchased on the Staffordshire Silicones website.


You can make your own Glitter Grout, too! The company also offers gold or silver glitter additives that can be mixed into any cement-based or epoxy-based grout.

Staffordshire Sillicones isn’t the only Glitter Grout supplier, which is good news if you’re not located in the UK. Home Depot offers a Fusion Pro glitter grout, and Lowe’s supplies an affordable STAINMASTER gold shimmer grout additive.

If this seems like a product you’d like to incorporate into your next home renovation project, we highly recommend that you check out #glittergrout on Instagram to get inspired.

We love how this DIYer paired her glitter grout with mega-shiny tiles.

Mixing natural stones with glitter grout looks super clean and modern:

Go crazy sparkle-freaks! This is truly your time to shine!

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