Now and Then is coming to Netflix, so this is truly the best summer ever

Hop on your bicycle, blast The Archies from your tape deck, and stuff your bra with vanilla pudding, because there is some big news about Now and Then. It’s been hard to hunt down and watch the ultimate childhood movie, so we’ve been stuck trying to find a player for our old tapes and DVDs. But now, Netflix has announced that Now and Then is coming to the streaming service—and soon.

You and your BFFs will be able to watch Now and Then on Netflix starting August 1st. It’s only appropriate for one of the most iconic summer movies ever to drop for the end of summer.

If you, like Chrissy, are a little (ahem) behind, the 1995 movie centers on a group of 12-year-old best friends having the greatest, most eventful summer of their lives—and their adult counterparts looking back on the memories. Think of the structure like a girl-powered The Notebook, minus the memory loss.

Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Gaby Hoffman, Ashleigh Aston Moore play the four girls, with Rosie O’Donnell, Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, and Rita Wilson as their adult selves. Devon Sawa sent preteen hearts aflutter and launched a million Teen Beat posters with his role as Scott Wormer, the annoying neighbor boy-turned-kissing partner.

Birch and Sawa re-tweeted the Netflix news, but of course Sawa did because he’s a Now and Then stan. In 2017, he tweeted at creator I. Marlene King, joking about a sequel.

We won’t hold our breath on Now and Then 2, but we are so excited for August 1st when we can tune into Netflix to see Roberta, Teeny, Chrissy, and Samantha again.

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