Nearly half the population of this Nova Scotia village turned out for their own 2018 Women’s March

The 2018 Women’s March took place across the nation and the world on Saturday, January 20th, from large cities to tiny communities. And believe it or not, even the smallest towns had some big turnouts. Case in point? Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, where half the population participated in their own Women’s March despite the infamous Canadian cold.

Yes, 32 of the community’s 65 permanent residents — including a toddler! — marched for women’s rights this year. Now that’s an impressive turnout, especially given that in 2017, only 15 people marched in Sandy Cove.

Images on Twitter show the group walking down the road, carrying inspiring Women’s March signs that said things like “1918: We got the vote 2018: Still fighting for equality” and “Mind the gap.” Another sign hilariously said “Well, now you’ve pissed off Grandma.”

Residents of Sandy Cove said it doesn’t matter where you live, women’s rights matter everywhere. Some people who live on nearby islands even took a ferry over to join the march. That’s some serious dedication.

CBC News Halifax journalist Marina von Stackelberg was on the scene of the “small but mighty” 2018 Women’s March. According to her Twitter feed, organizers told her the 2017 march “sparked groundbreaking conversations about women’s rights in their isolated community.”

It’s definitely inspiring to see people everywhere fighting for justice and equality.

Check out the coverage of the small but mighty 2018 Women’s March in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia. Prepare to be inspired!

Moral of the story: You don’t need big numbers to make a difference in the world. These 32 standout ladies and gents sure made a big impact.

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