This British fox napping on the second floor window ledge is all of us

A fox is capturing hearts and filling lives with infinite joy on social media today and no, it’s not Prince Harry. It’s an actual fox. The adorable, furry, red kind. (Again, not Prince Harry.)

The fox was spotted sleeping on a second-story window ledge yesterday in Notting Hill, a district in London. Because hey, life is hard. Sometimes you just need a little foxnap, you know? Author and editor Rachel Johnson, who lives in the area, discovered the fox and snapped its picture for the The Evening Standard. Lucky for Mr. Fox, Johnson’s brother happens to be the mayor of London. So we’re thinking his odds of avoiding an arrest for public loitering are pretty good.

This is the same location where Hugh Grant’s most charming-ever rom-com (Notting Hill) was set (that bookstore!). A very solid choice on the fox’s part, we must say —maybe s/he is a Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts fan. 

It may seem a little strange to see a wild animal taking a snooze in the middle of a big city like London, but there are actually about 33,000 urban foxes in England. As Johnson said, “There are lots of them in the neighbourhood, always in the gardens — they seem to own the place.”

Our Anglophile hearts are exploding! We always knew London was foxy. 

(All images via Twitter)

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