Nothing says “happy holidays” like net neutrality

Happy Wednesday, all you holiday-loving cuties. It’s crunch time, folks. Santa is almost here! Happy Hanukkah!

I’m all for sparkly lights, latkes, sugar cookies, hot chocolate, dreidels, cute scarves, and all your festive holiday must-haves. But you know what I really get a kick out of, no matter the season? Net neutrality.

You’ve probably heard the hubbub about this over the past week, as Congress approved Ajit Pai’s plan to get rid of the protections that we got from the FCC in 2015. This is one step toward an internet that will favor big business and put us — small freelancers, mom and pop shops, good ol’ individuals who like using the internet — at risk for speaking out and selling our work freely. This goes double for minorities.

So what can you give yourself and all your pals as a last-minute holiday gift? A call to overturn the vote that Congress just made.


I’m pretty sure Santa would be in on this. Safe travels and happy holidays!

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