“The Notebook”-Inspired Engagement Photos For People Who Really Really Love “The Notebook”

FactThe Notebook will never, ever get old. The movie that launched a thousand tears 10 years ago, still makes us want to do a run-and-jump kiss in the rain. Today in extreme engagement photos, one couple took their Notebook love to the next level and actually recreated scenes from the movie for their engagement photos. Cindy Gauthier and her fiancé, Jean-Nicola Barile, came up with the idea when they were planning their engagement photos.

“Our photographer introduced the idea of a theme,” Gauthier explained in an interview about the snapshots. “We talked about the shoot for a while and decided on The Notebook — it’s a film that we both love. I borrowed my sister’s dress for the photo shoot and my friend styled my hair. It all came together really nicely.”

It didn’t hurt that Gauthier bears a resemblance to leading actress Rachel McAdams. Barile, looks a little like feminist hero Ryan Gosling as well, so it all worked out nicely. Did I mention they’re all Canadian too? It’s fate!

The photos themselves are from summer 2010, but because The Notebook is about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, they went viral this week. (The couple is still happy as ever, and now they have a sweet toddler named London.)

The photoshoot took place in Canada and lasted five hours. As to be expected, Quebec wasn’t exactly warm or sunny, but many of the best scenes in The Notebook were shot in crummy weather (that moment in the storm, anyone?).

“It started to get a bit overcast, but that was perfect timing for the kissing in the rain scene,” Gauthier said. “One of my favorite parts of the day was being pictured in the canoe. It was so much fun.”

Because it wasn’t actually raining, the lovebird had to be hosed down by Gauthier’s brother-in-law, who apparently had tons of fun participating in the shoot, “We even have this wonderful picture: It’s my brother-in-law, hosing us down,” she told TODAY. “It’s just the back of him, but you can tell he’s smiling from ear to ear, enjoying every moment.”

Photographer Chelsea Gray (see more of her pictures here) hadn’t even seen The Notebook until right before the shoot, and sure enough, she bawled like the rest of us when she finally played the movie. It does have that effect on people!

(Images via Today.com and via Blushing Bride Studio)

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