British man leaves the best note on his car to try to avoid a ticket

A man in Liverpool went out for drinks with his friends and made the decision not to drive home. Since his car was parked near the pub in clear view of traffic wardens (British for parking enforcement), he left a note on his windshield to try to avoid getting a ticket. But he left more than just a note — he left crisps (British for chips). Because people love crisps.

The note reads: “Dear Mr/s Traffic Warden, I will be at my car by 10:30am… Promise! Please do not book me, I had a Christmas pint with the lads and didn’t want to drink and drive, here is a packet of crisps on me!! Happy Christmas!!”

But it didn’t end there. The man also left words for anyone walking by who might be tempted to take the crisps. Because again, people love crisps. “If you are not the traffic warden please don’t rob the crisps,” it reads. “Don’t be that guy. . . no one likes that guy!” Which is so true. No one likes a guy who steals crisps, especially from a guy who’s trying really hard to avoid getting a ticket after making the smart decision to not drink and drive. There was also a big coffee stain on the note, but that was probably unrelated.

Local news website Liverpool Confidential editor Angie Sammons spotted the note and posted to Twitter saying she had tracked down the car’s owner.  

In a follow-up article, Sammons confirmed the man didn’t get a ticket and the traffic warden didn’t even take the crisps. It’s Christmas miracle (because we thought everyone loved crisps).

(Featured image via Twitter)