This web series just has too. much. comedic. power.

Weekday mornings can be dreary, so how better to start your day than in the high drama world of public notaries? A new webseries featuring Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant — aka two of the funniest ladies on SNL — will have you biting your nails in anticipation as you wonder, “Will they sign the documentation with just one form of identification?”

Okay, so maybe Notary Publix, courtesy of Above Average, isn’t a drama so much as a totally bizarre comedy. McKinnon and Bryant star as rival notaries Gina Fra Diavolo and Erin Oatmeal. In the first installment of the series, Gina and her sister/fellow notary Theresa Fra Diavolo have to make a tough call. Do they sign off on Erin’s adopting 53 orphans despite her lack of documentation? Or do they let 53 orphans go to a horrible fate?

The miniseries premiere is hilarious. Overly dramatic rivalries? Weird notary trade magazines? Shoulder pads for days? A faux-behind-the-scenes chat with Ashlaheigh Braun-Samuels (aka McKinnon) and Kulie Bishop? And top it off with a short preview featuring fellow SNL castmember Beck Bennett in the three-piece suit of your circuit clerk dreams?  Yes, please, and thank you. Bring on the notaries!

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