Not a single cast member on “Orange is the New Black” knows what happens next — and that makes us very, very nervous

Orange is the New Black ended on a cliffhanger, because of course it did. And unfortunately, we’ve got some even worse news: We’re probably not even going to be getting a little hint about what Season 6 will bring because not even the ladies of Litchfield know what’s coming next.

Warning: There are Season 5 spoilers below, so proceed at your own risk!  

The very last scene of Season 5 saw the long-awaited end of Litchfield’s riot, which was sparked by Poussey’s tragic death. The last 10 women standing are some of the most powerful of each crew — like Red, Taystee, and Piper. That ending brought all of Litchfield’s inmates together in one powerful moment.

Unfortunately, it also left the season’s drama completely unresolved, and we’re dying to know what happens next.

The last 10 ladies standing may have been there for the single most important event in recent Litchfield Penitentiary history, but the actresses who play them still don’t know what the aftermath will be. But The Hollywood Reporter asked the actresses for their best guesses.

Uzo Aduba (Suzanne) thinks her character will go through some big changes.

“I’m interested to see how Suzanne survives in the new world. It almost feels like were setting sail.”

Kate Mulgrew (Red) thinks Red is going to be forever altered by her trauma.

“There has to be some kind of reckoning with our respective sins, a confrontation with our own darkness. Each one of us in Season 5 has done something less than great. My instinct is we will be separated, which will in itself [be] a terrible kind of punishment — punishment enough for Red would be that isolation.”

Danielle Brooks (Taystee) is unsure how things will turn out, but sees the potential for the show to continue opening peoples’ eyes.

“The thing about all of this, as we have seen in the past five years, is that when you’re incarcerated and not even seen as human, things can turn really quickly. People can blame people and point fingers and do all sorts of things, so I’m not sure how it’s going to play out for Taystee, nor am I quite sure how she’s going to take it.”

Natasha Lyonne (Nicky) thinks a major character will die.

“I think we always feel like [anyone could die at any time]. Across the board, I think we’re always sort of weirdly ready, on some strange level.”

Laura Prepon (Alex) has no idea what’s going to happen on Orange is the New Black at all.

“We have no idea what’s going to happen. I don’t know [if Alex and Piper could make it if they were separated.] Even if they both got out the same day, would they make it in the world? Who knows. But, that’s what’s so great about the relationship, is that they bring out the best and the worst in each other.”

Taylor Schilling (Piper) thinks next season is going to be hard on the inmates.

“It’s not looking good! [Creator Jenji Kohan] talks about how her intention isn’t to be a politician or an activist, but to tell honest stories about individuals and that, then, the individual becomes universal. Then, in seeing yourself in someone you previously deemed as ‘other,’ it’s an inherently political act. By relating to something that you thought was apart from you. So I think that is, particularly now, really important.”

So that’s something to work with, but, writers, we’d love it if you could throw us a bone about Orange is the New Black Season 6 too.

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