All the things you understand when you’re not a cold weather person

There are people I know who get incredibly excited the minute the fall air takes on more of a chill and the ground in the morning goes from leaf strewn to frost covered. I am not one of those people. Surprising since I’ve spent most of my life as an east coaster, where the winters are long and whatever you personally believe about climate change I can vouch for the fact that the thaw to warmer weather seems to come later and later every year. I love being warm, I abhor being cold, and every year I dread the arrival of winter. I am also one of those annoying people who is ALWAYS cold. The first one out of the pool, needing to throw on a sweatshirt if the air conditioning is blasting too high in the summer. So if you’re like me, you can probably relate to all the reasons why I’m not a cold weather person.

Winter sports? No thanks

I will totally watch most of the events of the Winter Olympics, but when it comes to skiing myself? No thanks. I’d much rather hang out at the lodge by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and staying warm while everyone else freezes on the slopes. Plus I save money not renting equipment, buying lift tickets or a ski jacket.

Showering in the morning is the woooorst

The bathroom tile is so cold! And once I’m in the shower, I’m already dreading getting out and facing the drop in temperature from my nice hot shower to a chilly, not yet warmed up bathroom. And if you’re thinking, just shower at night, this is not a bad alternative, but then my hair never quite blow dries the way I want. So it’s a perpetual choice of having bad hair for the day or enduring the freezing bathroom/hot shower situation. In warmer weather? Not an issue!

Wearing all the layers imaginable

Layers! So many layers! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy layers in the fall or spring when it’s cardigans and scarves and light jackets. But when it’s under armour, thermals, sweaters and I’m still cold? I am not happy. Plus sometimes I have to work outside in the winter and I’m resigned to wearing all these layers to do my job and I accept that. But to not be warm enough without five layers simply to go to the movies or walk down the street to go food shopping makes me miserable. Plus in New York in the winter many buildings blast the heat, so I’m constantly peeling off layers and putting them back on all day long coming and going.

When it’s really cold at night, I’ve even slept in socks, full sweatsuits and a robe. Sometimes I’m that cold it’s necessary to do this, but then I wake up boiling in the middle of the night, strip off layers, only to wake up freezing again in the morning. Such a pain.

Ice, ice everywhere

It’s been said that you shouldn’t live in the northeast without a four wheel drive vehicle. But even four wheel drive is no match for ice. I’ve been in cars and buses during ice storms or when the road freezes and creates black ice and it can be terrifying, even if you’re being cautious and going slow. That doesn’t guarantee that everyone else on the road is taking the same precautions.

Your social life comes to a low ebb

When it’s warm, you can go to the park, take a walk, have lunch outside. You will still do inside things like go to a museum, see a movie and go shopping, but when it’s an enjoyable temp outside we’re all more willing to do anything. When it’s cold and snowy and we all need to bundle up, it’s so much harder to get friends to commit to making plans and going places. It’s partially not wanting to venture out in the low temperatures, but it’s also the possibility of the weather making it impossible to get places or strand you once you’re there.

Before anyone brands me a total winter Scrooge, I will say I do love soup, hot chocolate, a good fireplace and buying a great pair of boots. And yes I think the first snowfall of the season is beautiful while kids make snow angels and have snowball fights. I also appreciate a cute winter beanie! And have been known to have fun ice skating in a Central Park a time or two. So really not ALL winter things are terrible, I just would rather ice skate, wear my boots and eat my soup in front of the fireplace where it’s at least fifty degrees or higher at all times.

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