Our nostalgic hearts are bursting, because the “That’s So Raven” spin-off trailer is here!!

Remember when That’s So Raven came out and all of us wished we were psychic? Well, there is a new spin-off coming our way called Raven’s Home. Two original cast members are returning to the show, and it follows Chelsea and Raven’s children in school!

We even know that Raven’s ex-husband is someone we know from the original show. And guess what we got today that has fans screaming? A whole new trailer! That’s right, we have our first look at the new show, and it is everything we loved from the original.

The former child star is a mother and still hangs with her best friend Chelsea. There’s a lack of Eddie in the show, but who knows? Maybe when the show starts and picks up, Eddie will join later on. But for now, we have Chelsea and Raven with their kids and, get this, her son Booker is psychic, too.


So it seems as if we’re going to get a lot of what we loved from the original That’s So Raven. We have the house, her high school and interactions between Chelsea and Raven! After all, why have a spin-off show if we’re not going to get the things we love again?

It’s the future she can see.

It is a new trend with networks to create shows from our past and put them into a new light. With the new season of Will & Grace and what they did with Girl Meets World, we all get to relive the shows we loved growing up!

And all the fans of the series are pretty excited. After all, it did give us the Raven we love and know, and made us all realize how important our friends are. She had a great family, amazing abilities, but at the end of the day, she always had her friends supporting her. false

This show is going to be a pretty amazing one, and it is just an exciting adventure to go on with our favorite characters from That’s So Raven!

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