10 nostalgic hair trends that will have you saying “me!”

These days, it seems like pretty much everything from the ’90s is making a comeback: choker necklaces, grunge style, everything goth—heck, we might even have a Clinton as president again!

That’s why we decided we had to take a look back at all the hairstyles we loved (and some that we left!) in the ’90s. Because there’s nothing quite like remembering where you came from to appreciate where you are now.

Let’s kick things off with a true classic, shall we? The butterfly clip ‘do.



My god, we wore the s$%# out of these things.

I was actually known at my school for wearing my butt-length hair in a bun and covering the entire thing in butterfly clips. The entire thing, you guys.



Moving on! Who remembers this twisted-up style?!

For this look, you pinned the front of your hair back into a row of these little twists and secured them with bobby pins or the aforementioned butterfly clips.


What are these even supposed to be? Faux corn rows? The secret to getting your bangs off of your face when you’re growing them out?

Who knows, y’all. I’m open to guesses.

Next we have the look everyone loved—space buns!


These are totally making a comeback right now.


One part Sailor Moon, one part Janet Jackson, these buns were the easiest—and cutest—way to throw up your hair in the morning.

And oh yeah—don’t forget the GLITTER DOWN YOUR PART.


Actually, smearing sticky, glittery gel all over your head was a pretty hot look in the ’90s. I wouldn’t do it again, though. I remember the pain of trying to get it out.

Moving on to everyone’s favorite—chunky highlights!


These have gone in and out of vogue over the years, so they’re probably due for a comeback.

The next stop on our trip down memory lane is the asymmetrical bob.

All I can say is that Mary J. Blige werked this hairstyle and I always wished I could wear mine just like this.

Here’s a style that definitely brings back memories.

I’m not sure how to describe this except as a “flipped-over ponytail.”

There was even a tool—the TopsyTail!—to help you achieve this look.


(It still exists, BTW. You can get it here for $4.99.)

Then there was this look, which was so bloody hard to get right that it was heavenly when you finally did.

That’s right—I’m talking about the zigzag part.


There was a tool for this one, too.


But I never had a Part Pizazz, so nailing this style was the bane of my ’90s-girl existence.

Remember when gelled-down baby hairs were the thing to do?


The caption on the above photo says it all: “When your Mum is reliving her ’90s teenage years through you.” Three words: Get. It. Girl.

Here’s a fun variation on the chunky highlight: chunky blonde highlights only at the front of your head!


We certainly were creative, weren’t we?

Remind me why we loved to wear two strips of hair hanging down in front of our faces?



We called them “face-framing strands,” didn’t we. Yes, yes we did.

Ladies, we put our hair through a lot in the ’90s. But all jokes aside, I miss the insanity of it all. We were freer back then—we dyed our hair bright colors with Manic Panic and gave zero f%$#s what anyone thought about our buns and butterfly clips.

So here’s to #90shair and everything that makes it great—from the glitter to the colors to the zig zag parts (all of which are contained in the IG video below).


If you need me, I’ll be stocking up on these weird stretchy hairbands and using my Topsy Tail every day from here till eternity.