Nose hair extensions are the latest Instagram trend

It may sound ridiculous, but alas — it’s true. Nose hair extensions are trending on Instagram, and while the idea began as a joke, it’s going places. Just like how YouTubers had fun documenting what 100 layers of makeup looked like back in the day, Instagram fans are now experimenting with elongated nostril hair.

Here’s what we know about it. Allure pointed out a few days ago that an Instagrammer named @gret_chen_chen was going viral based on two photos she posted where she used eyelash extensions on her nostrils. The account is known for posting somewhat creative and beautifully odd photos that might make you giggle, so it doesn’t seem likely that @gret_chen_chen meant to create a beauty fad.

From there, others felt inspired to jump on the #nosehairextensions trend.

We have no words.

While we’re happy that this trend is harmless and temporary, we’ve got to wonder how it took off so quickly. Especially since just the other day, we were talking about nose hair waxing based on a video posted by actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

We’re just wondering how far nose hair extensions are going to go. Will we see them making an appearance down the runway anytime soon? Or will nose hair extensions quietly fade away, like the lunchboxes we repurposed as purses back in the ’90s?

One thing’s for sure. Whether or not you choose to follow the nose hair extension trend, you should keep your eyes on @gret_chen_chen. With a single photo, she’s proven to be an incredible social media influencer.

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