Pink Slammed the “Very Sexist” Bikini Rules a Norwegian Handball Team Is Protesting

She's even offering to pay their fines.

It’s safe to say that female athletes have always been up against some pretty unfair odds, but this sexism is next level. The Norwegian women’s handball team is facing some hefty fines for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms to compete, and now that the issue is making headlines, Pink is speaking out against the policy.

It all started last Sunday at the European Beach Handball Championships bronze medal match. The women chose to wear shorts with their bikini tops instead of the matching bottoms, which, according to regulations, are supposed to be no longer than 10 centimeters.

Unsurprisingly, the men’s team wears shorts.

As EW reported, the women on the team were fined 150 euros each for the violation, which came out to over $1,700 total for the team for “improper clothing.”

Once Pink caught wind of this, she tweeted about the issue—and like many others, she was unimpressed. She’s proud of the women for their protest, and she even offered to pay the fine herself.

It does sound like the team’s protesting did pay off, though. Michael Wiederer, the president of the European Handball Federation, said in a statement that they will be changing the rules in the future.

“I can confirm that the EHF will do all it can to ensure that a change of athlete uniform regulations can be implemented,” he said, per EW. “Significant efforts will be made in order to further promote the sport in the best way possible for everyone, regardless of gender.”

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