This Norweigan cheese is (literally) the best cheese in the world

Not all cheese is created equal.

A Norweigan cheesemaker reigned supreme at 2016’s World Cheese Awards (which we didn’t know existed, but now totally need to attend) earning the title of best cheese in the world.

Hundreds of judges tasted more than 3,000 samples from 31 countries (all that cheese sounds like a dream btw), but only one could prevail: a blue cheese named Kraftkar from Norwegian cheesemaker Tingvollost.

"The mould is developed really nicely. On top of that, the texture is great: when it crumbles you get a soft creaminess," says Nic Tsioros, a judge in the competition. "And on the finish, it coats your tongue with a real soft landing."

First of all, where can we apply for the international-cheese-competition-judge job?

Second of all, when can we buy this world-champion dairy product in the United States? As of right now, it looks to be only available in Norway.

"We are a family-run farm and work long days," Tingvollost chairman Gunnar Waagen said while accepting the award. "We get up early every day and go to bed very late to make the best product we can, and so to win this award, I am very proud."

We’re proud for you, Tingvollost. We definitely added tasting the world’s best cheese to our bucket list.