North West’s first tweet is our favorite tweet of the year

Little Saint West might be stealing all the West Family spotlight right now, but his big sis just completely stole our hearts. With one single tweet, North West proved she is the best at Twitter —that’s right, the famous toddler tweeted for the first time, and it was adorable.

While she’s still a few years away from getting her own Twitter account (you need to be 13 to join) she did manage to get a hold of Mommy’s handle, and took the time to share 140 characters with us of her most inner thoughts. Or, she simply typed complete gibberish because she’s, you know, two years old. Either way, we love it.

North’s first Twitter words for us? She went with the soon to be classic, “jhjhh’/.” Yeah, same, North. same.

Kim’s followers were confused, but went with it.

But then Twitter apparently realized that it was North behind the controls, not Kim.

It took Kim a little bit longer to figure out that her little one had Tweeted out to her 37.8 million followers. Kim was, thankfully, totally cool with it. Baby’s first tweet is always special.

Now we’ve going to have to wait and see if Saint ever tries to one-up his sis, in 140 characters or less.

Image via Instagram