North West found a way around time-out by focusing on self-care instead

If there’s one thing that we especially love about growing up, it’s the fact that we’re our (mostly) own bosses. The days of time out are long gone, and sorry mom and dad, but we don’t miss them at all. Maybe, however, we would have been more inclined to like our time out if we had been as crafty as North West, who made her timeout into a spa day. Yes, really.

According to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, North was being “too quiet” during her time out. Thankfully, she was totally okay; she had just given herself the most luxe time out, possibly ever.

North is a seriously ingenious child, and she’s clearly learned from the best on how to #treatyourself. She’s got the body pillow set up, a towel on the floor, and she even has a piece of what looks like toilet paper over her eyes. Oh! And she grabbed her stuffed animal; is there anything she didn’t think of?!

We hope Kim’s not too mad because if we saw this, we would probably forget to be angry and just be downright impressed. We’re not saying we miss time out, but if we got to use time out as a spa day, we’d probably miss it a lot more.

Honestly, if we were Kim and Kanye, we’d probably be applauding North for her innovation and commitment. Can you really be mad at her for rocking the self-care game so hard!?

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