North West Hilariously Roasting Kim Kardashian for Her Influencer Voice Is a Must-See

It’s North’s high-pitch impersonation of Kim for me.

Clearly, North West has taken her mom’s masterclass in calling people out on their BS because she isn’t letting her mom off easy in the reality star’s new beauty haul video posted to Instagram. On September 8th, Kim Kardashian went on her Instagram Story to film an unveiling of the new Boxy Charm beauty box and was interrupted (more like roasted!) mid-ad by her 8-year-old and her daughter’s partner-in-crime, Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope Disick. 

“Why do you talk different?” you hear North ask her mom off camera. Still filming her video, Kardashian continues to unbox her makeup haul and replies, “For my videos I’m the same human being. I don’t talk different. How do I talk different? Guys, do you think I talk different when I’m talking about contour?”

After seeing both girls nod along in agreement, Kardashian asks her daughter to repeat what she thinks she sounds like. The result? North’s hilarious yet very dramatic high-pitch impersonation of her mom greeting her millions of Instagram followers with, “Heyyyy guyyysss!!!”

Shocked, Kardashian turns the camera to her niece and asks, “Is that how I sound, Penelope?” As a response, she gives another nod and continues to giggle at North’s imitation of her mom’s influencer voice.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know where North gets her fiery, sassy spirit from. We love seeing these two playfully battle it out, whether it be on TV or Instagram! Like mother, like daughter, right?

Emily Weaver
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