North West and Penelope Disick imitated Kylie and Kendall in the cutest way

North West and Penelope Disick are already well on their way to becoming just like the other superstars in their family. Kylie Jenner captured this adorable moment on Instagram which shows the little ones playing in a hallway pretending to be their two iconic aunts.

As the girls, clad in princess dresses, are running (or in Penelope’s case, scootering) around, Kylie asks North West, “What’s your name?” North answers, “Kylie!” Kylie asks the same question of Penelope Disick, who answers that she’s Kendall. Clearly, the two girls look up to their aunts in every possible way, and who wouldn’t? They’re international superstars who are successful at everything they do.

Aside from being the best thing we’ve ever seen, this video also shows just how close the Kardashian-Jenner family is, especially when it comes to the youngest generation. The group went on to celebrate Easter together, posting another snap on Instagram that’s overflowing with cuteness.

We’re glad the family celebrated Easter together and that the two little girls have a family filled with love and hopefully many, many princess dresses.

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