North West just charged her mom $100 for lemonade and we’re impressed

North West has always been a boss, and she was destined to be considering her parents are Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. We’ve seen her shut down paparazzi with the “no pictures” statement and now she’s hustling her parents into giving her money.

Little North West is already an entrepreneur and she’s only 3-years-old! The tiny tot opened up her pop-up lemonade stand on Friday, and she’s making more money than I could have ever imagined as a child.

North West is already a natural at running a business.

This girl boss knew that a nice, cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day was an in-demand product. Not to mention, it is Beyoncé’s album name and everyone and anyone is dying to drink whatever Queen Bey is having.

That’s why, when the media mogul asked for her daughter’s freshly pressed juice, North charged her $100! The 3-year-old hustled her mom good. In true Kim Kardashian fashion, the reality star captured the funny moment on her Snapchat account.

“It’s $1?,” Kim asks one of the neighborhood kids. “Okay, can I have some lemonade for me and Rob [Kardashian]? Customer!”

Somehow one dollar turned into a $100 for a cup of lemonade.

“A hundred dollar bill,” Kim says to the neighborhood kids standing around North’s lemonade stand. “Who wants to take it…. Okay, where’s my lemonade.”

Kanye better watch out because his baby girl might just sell his coveted Yeezy’s at a much higher price he’s asking. With a profit-oriented mindset like North’s, there’s no telling what other businesses she’ll create.

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