Your North and South Node Will Show You Your Life’s Purpose on Your Birth Chart

An astrologer explains what the Nodes of Destiny actually mean.

In astrology, we look at the Nodes of Destiny to find our soul’s karmic path in this lifetime. Sounds intense, huh? Well, the Nodes of Destiny can be. We’re talking about fate and life lessons—not just in this lifetime but in the past as well.  

The Natal Nodes of Fate/Destiny show your life’s purpose (according to your natal birth chart). The north node shows the karmic path/lesson/gifts you came here to learn in this life, and the south node shows the karmic path/lesson/gifts you bring with you from previous lifetimes that you may fall back on. 

Here’s a little background on the mythology of the Nodes of Destiny. According to Vedic astrology, the Nodes were both once part of the same demonic entity called Rakshasa. This powerful spirit wanted immortality, which wasn’t necessarily in the cards for this entity. Rakshasa tricked Lord Visnu into letting him eat the nectar that would make him immortal.

To teach Rakshasha his lesson, Lord Visnu cut him in half. All that was left of Rakshasa was his head and tail. The head was called Rahu and the tail was called Ketu. Rahu and Ketu saw how mad Lord Visnu got (obviously, he cut them in half) and agreed that their duty now was to show people their karmic responsibilities. They became very powerful after learning their lesson because they decided that their karmic lesson was to teach others their karma. 

This is why we refer to the Nodes as the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. 

You look to the north node to see what you need to bring into this life and the south node to understand what you are moving away from. Now, it’s important to note that you need to compensate both nodes at the same time because you are not letting go but revising the past to accommodate your present situations. However, change is hard, a sentiment you can all attest to. This is why it’s important to lean into the north node as much as possible so you are not fully living in the past (i.e. past life) and instead stay in the now. Living in the south node can make you feel stuck and unable to live up to your north node’s full potential.  

Currently, the transiting north node is in Gemini and the south node is in Sagittarius. This means that, as a collective, we will be focusing on intellectual growth for the next one and a half years (the amount of time the Nodes transit in a polarity).  

To find your north node in your birth chart, look to the True Node (or a sign that looks like an upside-down “U” with two small circles). The opposite sign (which will look like a “U” shape with two small circles) and house placement of that is your south node. The degrees will be the same.  

Nodes in the signs

North node in Aries, south node in Libra

There’s a need to be more self-reliant, as there is a tendency to focus on relationships and paying off karmic debts in relationships.  

North node in Taurus, south node in Scorpio

You have the tendency to be too giving. You practice hedonism. Karma is learned through money. It is suggested that you are in charge of the finances, not your partner. 

North node in Gemini, south node in Sagittarius

The nodes are exalted in this axis. You are gifted with independent thinking, great communication skills, and a knowledge of languages. Karmic debts are paid off through generous efforts.  

North node in Cancer, south node in Capricorn

You have the tendency to be too ambitious and harsh. Karmic debts are learned through reputation as well as inheritances and parents.  

north and south node, nodes of destiny

North node in Leo, south node in Aquarius

Artistic and creative endeavors are favorable. You have the tendency to be a dreamer. You pay off karmic debts in groups and social concerns. 

North node in Virgo, south node in Pisces

You need to be more critical and assertive. You have the tendency to disappear into the spiritual world. Karmic debt is paid through spiritual practices. 

North node in Libra, south node in Aries

Think before you speak! You have the tendency to act or say things impulsively. Karmic debt is paid through the need for diplomacy. 

North node in Scorpio, south node in Taurus

You gain luck through inheritance or spouses. You can also have a possible addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex. You also have a great aspect of managing the affairs of others. Karmic debt is paid through money. 

North node in Sagittarius, south node in Gemini

You’re very talkative and sometimes lack focus. You are generous and a natural teacher and philosophizer. Karmic debt is paid off by exploring philosophical endeavors. 

North node in Capricorn, south node in Cancer

You love ethnic or personal history. Sentimentality and emotions are hard to let go of for you, and you need discipline in your life. Karmic debt is paid off from parent(s) or parenting others.

North node in Aquarius, south node in Leo

Your motivations and goals are solely for personal fulfillment, never for fame. You’re also an idealist and humanitarian. Karmic debts are paid through your childhood or having and caring for children.  

North node in Pisces, south node in Virgo

You have a lack of boundaries, are a perfectionist, and have healing abilities. Karmic debts are paid through analyzing and criticism. 

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