This high school senior class dressed up like pop-culture figures for their IDs again, and it’s iconic

You may recall that last year we reported on the senior class at North Farmington High School in Detroit, who dressed up as their favorite television and movie characters, celebrities, memes, and cartoons to take their high school ID pictures. Their photos went viral and the world fell in love with the NFHS class of 2019. Well, the class of 2020 kept with tradition, and their hilarious school ID photos are currently taking Twitter by storm.

For the past few years, seniors at NFHS have used picture day as a good excuse to dress up in quirky costumes and try to out-humor each other, to the internet’s delight. If we tried to get away with this at our high school, we’d likely be told to change into our gym clothes and stop fooling around, so we have to give kudos to the school officials who allow this to happen—you’re the real MVPs.

Using the hashtag #NFID20, incoming seniors are sharing their hilarious ID photos with the world, and we can’t wait to pass on the good word.

This student repped Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, hoodie, spider suit, and all.

And, of course, we got our fair share of The Office classics.

Can we have a standing ovation to this student who copped Regina George’s iconic tank top for her pic? A++ for attention to detail.

The princesses are in the building, people.

As is *the* Prince.

And all the queens.


Obviously this crop of Gen Z-ers nailed their memes.

We never thought we’d say this, but…we wish we were back in high school (specifically at NFHS).

Another year, another hilarious collection of high school ID pictures. Well done, Class of 2020. You’ve done your alumni proud.

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