Norman Reedus crashed SNL to remind us ‘Walking Dead’ lives on

It’s been a full week since the Walking Dead season finale, and no, we’re still not over it. Thankfully, it’s not like we have to go on without it in our lives, as Daryl Dixon is still doing his best to protect us from zombies. In a very awesome SNL moment, Norman Reedus stopped by the Weekend Update desk, and don’t worry, he had his trusty crossbow with him.

It was all for a bit on SNL, where “Resident Young Person” Pete Davidson worried that he one day might be mistaken for a zombie, because, well, he’s admittedly a bit of a stoner. Anchor Colin Jost tried to reassure Pete that he’s worried about nothing, and that scenario would never happen. How could you even mistake Pete for a zombie? Not gonna happen. What happens next is a like a PSA for not smoking weed. . . ever.

Pete’s worst fears then come true when suddenly he’s got an arrow in his chest, courtesy of Mr. Dixon. Hey, Daryl’s doing his job to take care of the undead, OK? He’s being proactive, and that includes the guy he mistook for a zombie in the elevator, too. Whoops.

Check out the whole video below if you still can’t kick your Walking Dead habit.

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