This woman is destigmatizing breastfeeding through art. YAS QUEEN!

When you think about it, breastfeeding is literally one of the most normal things a woman can do with her breasts. Yet there remains an undeniable stigma about doing it in public. Ugh.

Luckily there are people out there like Texas-based photographer Leilani Rogers, who is working towards normalizing breastfeeding with her Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project.

Rogers is a mother of four children, and her fear of public discrimination when nourishing her kids inspired her to recruit 70 photographers from around the world to work together in combatting this issue.

The photos are striking, highlighting the fact that breastfeeding is not only natural, but it’s something to be celebrated.

“PBAP shares public breastfeeding images to bring both awareness to the issue of judgment and discrimination many nursing moms face, and increase tolerance and acceptance for nursing in public,” says Rogers.

As more people become exposed to images of mothers nursing their babies, Rogers expects healthy, positive change. “I hope people will begin to separate breastfeeding from exposing oneself. They are not the same thing.” 


BRAVA!!! Leilani Rogers, we salute you.

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