Norm the pug and his human go on beautiful adventures, and we’re crying

Right now (and also always) we’re desperately craving some sweet and fluffy cuteness. And it just came in the form of this adorable dog. Meet Norm the pug, a cutie who takes owner Jeremy Veach on so many ah-mazing adventures. This pup and his human going on adventures is really too much for our hearts to handle. Talk about a cuteness explosion! With nearly 340k followers, we’re clearly not the only ones in love with this heartwarming duo. Norm the Instagram famous pug, we adore you so!

Norm and his human seriously travel all over, and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

We’re feeling so inspired to grab our furry BFFs and hit the road! Get ready for selfies, pups.

This account is truly filled with precious moments.

What happy, happy hearts we have!

We have all the love for Norm, the cutest pug on Instagram.

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