Is the nor’easter headed for Washington, D.C? Here’s what we know about the winter storm

Enjoy the nice weather while you can — it looks like winter isn’t quite done with us yet. While the temperatures have been unseasonably warm, this weekend promises a return to the icy weather we know all too well. That’s right: According to reports, there’s a nor’easter heading to the East Coast. We’ve got everything you need to know on where the storm is going and whether the nor’easter will hit Washington, D.C.

The oncoming nor’easter already has experts cautioning against travel. Parts of the northeast can expect snow, hail, and a miserable wintery mix that will make commuting a massive pain. The weather is supposed to turn sour on Friday, March 2nd, making a very unpleasant weekend for many. So how do things look in our nation’s capitol?

Washington, D.C. is lucky.

Thanks to its location, the worst of the nor’easter will pass it right by. There’s very little risk of snow, with just a few flurries expected on and off throughout the weekend. The main concern for residents of the D.C. area will be the wind, which is expected to be incredibly intense on Friday, March 2nd. Gusts of up to 60 MPH are predicted, so secure anything that could fly away or shatter windows. Loose debris could prove a real danger, so be sure to proceed with caution.

Aside from a very blustery day, D.C. manages to dodge most of the nor’easter. While places like Massachusetts and New Jersey are in for some major snow, coastal flooding, and all the perks of bombogensis (a rapidly deepening storm cycle), Washington, D.C. mostly has to contend with wind.

The weather should clear up pretty quickly though, with Sunday looking to be around 50 degrees and sunny.

Hopefully this nor’easter ends up being less severe than expected for everyone. We’re definitely over winter, and ready to enjoy some warm weather (wind not included).

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