A flight that braved the nor’easter was so turbulent almost every passenger threw up

A vicious nor’easter is pummeling the East Coast with rain, sleet, snow, and high-speed winds, and because of it, flights all over the U.S. are being canceled left and right. The nor’easter (also called Winter Storm Riley) turned into a bomb cyclone on Friday, March 2nd, 2018, because of a weather phenomenon called “bombogenesis.” FlightAware reports that over 3,000 flights have already been canceled, and according to Time, most airlines are waiving cancel or change fees. (Yes, this already sounds ominous.)

The Hill reports that government operations and many schools in the Washington D.C. area have shut down today because of the intense winds, and yet one United Airlines flight into D.C. braved the storm. And this United flight experienced such violent turbulence that people, well, lost it.

According to a report filed to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Aviation Weather Center, the flight was so turbulent that one of the pilots reported that “pretty much every one on the plane threw up,” and that “pilots were on the verge of throwing up.”

People on the flight tweeted to confirm the nausea-inducing ride that the internet has dubbed “the vomit comet.”

Scenes from the nor’easter show East Coast cities flooded, snowed in, and battling tides that rise above the highway.

If you live in an affected area, it is suggested to stay indoors, away from windows, and prepare to evacuate if instructed to do so. You can find more information on what to do during a nor’easter storm here.