Nordstrom added this Korean beauty brand, and it’s going to save our dry skin this winter

Nordstrom’s beauty counters are full of luxurious products from high-end brands: some Chanel here, a little Dior there, Armani to your left — you get the picture.

But now, Nordstrom is adding Huxley, a Korean Beauty brand to its ever growing list of beauty brands and products. This is great news because this new mash-up represents one of the trendiest, freshest subsets of beauty right now: K-beauty.

The skin care-focused approach to K-beauty has become a seriously powerful player in the beauty world, and now Nordstrom is stepping into the game by stocking items from Huxley.

Huxley is a skin care line that’s all about giving users smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin. The focus on Huxley’s products appears to have lightweight formulas, clean packaging, and water-based products to replenish your skin’s moisture. 

At this point, it looks like Nordstrom is just stocking two Huxley products.

First up: the Secret of Sahara Brightly Ever After Essence, $58.


True to its name, this innovative product promises to give you bright, even-toned skin, thanks to its concentrated essence formula. You simply add a bit of this stuff to clean skin before you add moisturizer. And while the $58 price tag may seem steep, it’s a little easier to swallow when you consider this essence also promises to protect your skin from pollution.

Next up: the Huxley’s Oil Duo, $99.


This set includes the Secret of Sahara Oil and the Secret of Sahara Oil Essence. The oil contains a star ingredient among Huxley’s offerings, prickly pair oil. It plumps and hydrates the skin beautifully. There’s also the Secret of Sahara Essence, an “oil-essence hybrid” that nourishes your skin as well.

With winter almost here, our skin will need to be hydrated more than ever.

Are you intrigued by Huxley’s products as we are? We love that they’re available at Nordstrom, which means we can try them out and return if necessary (we don’t think it will be, though!).

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