Here’s why everyone is talking about this Nordstrom holiday sign

You know that one teacher you had growing up who reminded you each Halloween of the “terror of cavities”? Or that one Uncle or Aunt who was keen to remind you how soon you would be going back to school after summer vacation?

In other words, “a total buzz-kill”? Nordstrom stores are soon joining their fun-ruining ranks. And maybe it’s really just for the best –after all, being rushed through the joys of November is kind of a bummer.

FOX2Now in St Louis recently posted a photo on Facebook of a local Nordstrom store claiming they would not “deck the halls until Friday, November 27th. Why? Well, we just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.”

Some may see this as noble, some ridiculous — but for Nordstrom corporate, it’s nothing new. President Jamie Nordstrom (yes, THAT Nordstrom) told Seattle TV Station KIRO 7 that the company has held back the mistletoe for some time now.   Though it’s no secret that holiday decorations seem to pop up earlier and earlier every year, Nordstorm claims they’ve worked hard to hold back on holiday cheer until appropriate for, “as long as he can remember.”     “It’s never been a part of our business to look at what other retailers are doing and say, ‘How can we copy them?’” Nordstrom claims. However, when the time is right, he says he’s “absolutely” getting a picture with their Santa at the Seattle flagship store. Well, look at that! Not a total grinch, just an adult human sitting on Santa’s lap! Here’s how the rest of the Internet galaxy feels about Nordstrom’s holiday practice (spoiler: very, very OK with it!):    

One thing we wish would change? Calling the early onslaught of holiday decorations seen in retail stores, “Christmas Creep.” Because…well…you know why.

(image via Shutterstock, Twitter)