The non-famous guy Selena Gomez supposedly dated just posted the sweetest Instagram about her

Sometimes relationships, though they don’t last particularly long, make a big impression on you. Sometimes they even change your life. I don’t think any of us expected that we’d hear back from Samuel Krost, a “regular guy,” recent NYU grad, and Selena Gomez’s (alleged) one-time fling – especially after both Samuel and Selena failed to confirm whether they were dating and, around the time they were casually seeing one another, Selena actively told reporters, when asked, that she was “definitely single” (even saying in an October Refinery29 interviewDo not try to date me right now.“)

But now, Selena’s one-time boo has taken to Instagram to (apparently) confirm that the two did in fact date… and to express his ongoing feelings for the popstar. Say what?!

Let’s back up a little bit. According to ELLE, Selena was spotted out on what very much appeared to be dates with Samuel, a pal of Selena’s close friend and model Gigi Hadid, in the fall and winter of last year, holding hands (oooh la la!) on more than one occasion. They even went on a New Year’s trip together, with a big group of their friends, where both Selena and her onetime maybe-boyfriend snapped pics of the trip and shared them via Instagram.

In one particularly beautiful and serene shot taken and uploaded by Samuel, the group (including Selena) is enjoying a meal by the shore, with the caption “PURA VIDA” (a common Costa Rican phrase meaning, literally, “pure life” or “this is life”). Clearly, Samuel felt strongly abut the time he spent with Selena and their friends.

And he still feels strongly.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Samuel shared an emotional all-caps short note, apparently confirming that the two dated and telling Selena that he still loves her.

The text reads: “To all the haters: Selena is a real girl with a real heart and real feelings. All you superficial [sic] who are just unhappy with your love lives, understand that love is real. Although we have ventured on separate paths, at least I know that love exists. I love you, Sel.” The caption is “From Sam.” Wow.

Samuel also allegedly tagged Selena in the comments of the post and also @’d her, potentially in an attempt to get her to see it.

We’re not exactly sure what prompted Sam to share this now, after all this time that the two have been “on separate paths,” or who the “haters” he is referring to are, but the sentiment is undeniably very sweet. He’s defending Selena as a real, genuine person. And, though the wording is a little bit murky, it seems that he’s attributing his knowing that love exists to his brief relationship with her. Then, of course, there’s the love declaration, which maybe he could have not done on a public forum like Instagram if he wanted to get anywhere with her, but that’s just one gal’s opinion.

Clearly, Samuel rethought the post because he very swiftly deleted it. Regardless, it’s nice to hear that Selena made such an impression on this guy. We already knew she was awesome! And of course, Selena is no stranger to exes that regret the end of their time together – Justin Bieber hasn’t exactly been subtle about his desire to reunite with her, also using Instagram as his forum-of-choice to hint at his feelings for her.