3 non-creepy ways to ask your new partner to home for the holidays, because let’s face it, it’s awkward

It’s that time of year again: Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And if you have a lot to be thankful for on the personal front, it can be hard to find non creepy ways to ask your new boyfriend or girlfriend to Thanksgiving with the fam. But now comes the time you have to pop the question. No, not that question, the other one: will they come to the holidays with you and meet your extended family or adopted family of friends? The way you ask — and the answer they give — means just about everying. So when you opt to invite them around for Turkey Day to meet your dog, do your best to keep it non-creepy and chill with some of these helpful tips.

Drop hints while hanging out.

If the two of you are alone and relaxing, it could be the perfect time to see what’s in store for the holiday season. Ask them what they’re plans are for Thanksgiving, and see if they match up with yours. Don’t do this when around friends or out in public, as this could make your SO feel awkward and pressured.


Normally texting isn’t a great idea for heavy relationship moments, but when it comes to a Thanksgiving invite it could be the perfect plan. By inviting them over text you make it seem far less serious or dramatic. A nice ‘What are you doing for Thanksgiving?’ could give you the perfect non-creepy intro to inviting them. Just don’t panic if they don’t respond right away.

Describe the day.

Do you have a crush on watching sports all day with your siblings or a soft spot for homemade pie? Talk up your mom’s epic desserts or get excited about your cousin’s awesome big-screen TV. If they seem interested, casually say you’d love to have them over. Just make sure you can deliver on your promises (especially those desserts).

Listen, going home for the holidays is never easy for some people. So don’t take it personally if everyone is a little ~awkward~ about it. Just take a deep breath and let it roll. You might be surprised.

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