Christmas trees that aren’t Christmas trees are hilariously magical

We’re starting to think maybe regular ‘ole Christmas trees aren’t going to cut it anymore. Sadly, simple lights, ornaments, and garland wrapped around a large green thing in the middle of your living room is turning into a thing of the past, Instead, people are using every day objects to construct a non-tree tree. Hey, we’re always here for a little creativity.

It started with simple themes. From Prince-themed “Purple Rain” trees to perfectly Instagram-worthy pink winter wonderlands to all colors of the rainbow taking over Christmas tree farms, people have been upping their tree game. They’re hilarious, insanely creative and everything in-between.

One woman even made all the celebrities that passed away in 2016 into little angel ornaments. Whether the fact she slaved over little angel figurines for every deceased individual — David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and Gene Wilder to name a few— is dedicated or creepy is still up for debate.

After some poking around, however, we have discovered the non-tree tree display: a new Christmas tree trend to outshine any dead celeb tree tribute in it’s path. They look like trees, or are shaped like trees, but they’re technically not trees. They’re piles of books, plastic bottles, stuffed animals or guitars.

In other words, it’s cool to take the things you love, or the things in your general vicinity, and stack them into a tree shape. Just kidding, giving credit where credit is due, these “Christmas trees” are super cool. (Someone should check out the person who made the tree out of empty Mountain Dew cans, though.)

Check out the rest below:

1. A book lover’s dream


2. Going back in time a few million years.

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3. Because how else would you decorate a blue tree? 

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4. Another reason to recycle. 

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5. Why, yes, I’ll help contribute an empty wine bottle.

6. That’s an interestingly-shaped bike rack.


7. LEGOs make everything cooler. 


8. Got a spare? Or ten? 

9. Holidays don’t have to be wasteful.

10. That sound was your childhood coming full circle. 


11. You’ll never run out of bottles to pop. 


12. The literal not-a-tree, tree. 

13. We see what you did there.

14. OMG.

15. Technically a tree, but not really. It’s actually *in Darth Vader’s voice* your father.

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