Nobody Asked You, Sarah Jessica Parker

This week, in celebrities overstepping their boundaries: a two-part episode of SJP! We have a healthy dose of how she made Lena Dunham’s success with Girls all possible, and a small helping of how The Carrie Diaries makes her feel weird inside. I love SJP as much as the next girl, but I find her just enough on this side of irrelevant these days to be making these comments.

Diving right in: Sarah Jessica Parker thinks Sex and the City laid the groundwork for Lena Dunham’s success with Girls. She credits herself and HBO for creating and instituting a new way of thinking in TV. I see her point, but I don’t completely agree (or see why she had to make it in the first place). It’s been over a decade since SATC began, and Girls obviously acknowledges its impact on our generation. Hell, Shoshanna loves her some SATC. If this was 2003, maybe SJP could have more of a claim in the show’s success. But it’s 2013, and she’s too far removed from HBO to be taking that much credit. Point: Lena Dunham.

Is this a classic case of taking quotes out of context? SJP does say Lena is “experienced” and “capable”. And, Lena isn’t mum on the topic – she’s said in the past that SATC was “inspirational”. Like I said, Girls often mentions the show by name. The two share a network, so it’s only natural for Lena to look up to SJP’s work. I think if she wanted to adopt the role so badly, SJP could have done a better job of being Lena’s fairy godmother. But Lena’s already got a fairy Juddfather, so quotes with lackluster praise and advice directed to online news sites will have to do.

So, what else can we thank you for, SJP? Going gluten-free? Wearing jeggings? Beyoncé? DID YOU PAVE THE WAY FOR HER, TOO? I’m joking, because I do see how SATC made it easier for Girls to succeed, but I think SJP is taking a little too much credit. But, maybe she earned it. After all, she is Carrie Bradshaw. Wait, I take that back, because there’s a new Carrie Bradshaw in town.

Okay, time for round two: SJP finds her younger spinoff counterpart, AnnaSophia Robb, “lovely” but the whole Carrie Diaries project “odd”. Again – are we taking quotes out of context? We can’t just assume SJP hates The Carrie Diaries, now. It seems like SJP wants to support the show, but just feels weird doing so. If I was once the face of a hugely successful show like SATC, I probably wouldn’t be thrilled being recast by a younger, stunningly beautiful actress. The quote just makes it look like she’s having a hard time letting Carrie Bradshaw go, because no role of hers will ever be that fabulous again. All together now: SJP, nobody could ever replace you. We just watch The Carrie Diaries once a week for an hour to break up the time between SATC marathons. We still love your show, even though it ended in 2004. Promise! Still, point AnnaSophia, for being so darn pretty.

Okay, glad we cleared that up. SJP, please sit down. Maybe just watch some SATC reruns like the rest of us; it always seems to help.

Featured image via ShutterStock from s_bukley