Noah Cyrus talked about stepping out of her sister’s shadow, and how a breakup inspired her new album

Being from a famous family must be tricky to manoeuvre, but what Noah Cyrus has to say about it is pretty refreshing, and actually quite on point.

The youngest of the Cyrus’s, Noah has officially emerged as one of this year’s hottest tipped new stars. The teen sensation released her first single last year, the wonky and weird “Make Me (Cry)” with Labrinth, and so far the track has racked up nearly 70 million plays on YouTube and has climbed into the Billboard Hot 100.

What’s more, it seems that older sister Miley is a HUGE fan, and was a total fangirl when Noah and Labrinth performed the track during the iHeartRadio Awards.

Well, now Noah Cyrus has opened up about stepping out from behind her family’s shadow and how breakups inspired her new album.

Speaking during a recent interview with Schon Magazine, Noah spoke about how she wanted to be seen, eventually, as her own artist.

“I want people to see me as my own person,” she said. “It doesn’t bother me that people compare me as a little sister, or youngest daughter of my dad, but when my album does come out, I want to be thought of as Noah Cyrus.”

The singer also spoke about how her upcoming debut album, titled NC:17 (get it, because she’s Noah Cyrus and she’s 17) was inspired by some heartbreak and growing up.

"During the process of making NC-17, I had a boyfriend, so a lot of the songs are about my breakup," she revealed. "I was really sad after and realized it was a big mistake, because I didn’t realize how happy I was in the moment and that I took it for granted.

Noah also told the magazine about her decision to remove the ability to post comments under her Instagram pictures, and it’s actually super mature.

“It wasn’t so much about my insecurities, but about other girls: little girls on their mom’s Instagrams,” she explained. It’s very hard to love yourself if other people are constantly trying to pick you apart.”

Too right.

Meanwhile, Noah has been nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Breakup Song at the Radio Disney Awards, which take place on April 29th (the show is aired on April 30th).

The singer’s debut album NC:17 is expected for release later this year. “Make Me (Cry)” is available now.

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