Noah Cyrus reveals what she knows about Miley Cyrus’ wedding planning…and it’s not much

Miley’s baby sis Noah Cyrus dished to Life & Style about Liam and Miley’s wedding plans.

Which is, there aren’t any.

“There’s not any planning [going on] right now,” Noah said.

Yeah. Between Miley’s gig on The Voice, and Liam’s jet-setting movie star status, we’re not surprised. But we are anxious to find out what in the Miley their wedding is going to be like. Lots of smiley mylar balloons, unicorns, rainbows, and a 420-friendly lollipop bar, we’re sure.

But whatever they do, Noah knows what kind of bride Miley will be. “Pretty chill, I’m sure,” she adds. “Miley’s a pretty chill person.”

So, no bridezilla here, folks. Nah, Miley’s a bridechilla.

As for Liam, Noah only had good things to say. “I love Liam,” she said. “He’s been in the family for a really long time, so he’s like a big brother to me.”

Look how long they’ve been together. Since they looked like this:

ICYForgot, here’s what they look like now:

Meanwhile, Noah Cyrus is working on her own music career, which seems to be going swimmingly.

Girl’s got a voice, just like sis.

The 16-year-old dropped her first single in November, and we became instant fans.

Featuring U.K. singer and producer Labrinth, the brooding, electro-pop feel of Make Me Cry makes us want to wrap ourselves in warm blankets and stay in bed, listening to it on repeat.

At least now we have something to do until Miley’s wedding.

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