Noah Cyrus helped cheer up Lady Gaga with this beautiful gesture

If you’ve been following her in the news, you might know that Lady Gaga had to temporarily cancel a bunch of tour dates due to chronic pain. While the show postponement is a bummer, we’re glad that new talent Noah Cyrus is supporting Gaga by covering a few of her songs on tour. And since Cyrus is the opener for Katy Perry’s Witness: The Tour, a lot of people are enjoying Gaga from a distance.

Cyrus decided to sing Gaga’s single “Million Reasons” during their first tour date in Montreal. A fan in the audience managed to take a video of the cover that caught Gaga’s attention.

And she was so fond of the tribute that she reached out to Cyrus on Twitter.

Not only is that some solid praise, but it’s great to know that it cheered her up. The legendary talent has had a rough few weeks, so surely every little bit counts.

Cyrus has gone on the record to say how much Gaga’s music has inspired her. In fact, she credits Gaga’s latest album, Joanne, with being the inspiration she needed to complete her debut album, NC-17.

It seems like Perry may have been inspired as well, since according to Billboard, she busted out a cover version of Janet Jackson’s hit song “What Have You Done for Me Lately.”

We hope that Cyrus continues to wow audiences with the cover throughout the rest of the tour. Because not only does she have the pipes to handle Lady Gaga’s music, but she’ll be cheering up Gaga every single time she performs it.

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