Noah Centineo’s new movie is coming next week, and you’ve never seen him like this before

We fell in love with him in this past summer’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, and we’re patiently waiting to see him in 2019’s Charlie’s Angels reboot. But it turns out there’s another Noah Centineo movie coming our way—very soon.

The movie in question, called Swiped, comes out November 6th (as in next week). Centineo plays a womanizing college student who convinces his tech-savvy roommate to design the ultimate hookup app, and then, as you might expect, things go awry. Centineo worked on the movie two years ago—so before his rise to fame—but it’s only just coming out now.

You can see a clip from the film below. (Warning, though: Centineo seems to be playing very against type here—so be prepared not to like him…)

Deep breathes. Centineo can’t play the beautiful charmer with a heart of gold in every movie.

Swiped (which also stars Cenineo’s real-life dad, according to his Instagram post) will be available on iTunes, On Demand, and Amazon on November 6th, meaning you can snuggle up in a onesie and watch while sipping on your favorite yogurt drink from across town.

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